Acquiring A General Lines Insurance License

The state of Florida has a rigorous licensing process that keeps insurance agents and their representatives up-to-date on changes in the field and the accepted best practices. This ensures that their clients are always receiving the highest level of care and services, as well as improving the agent’s ability to bring in new clients and improve their position and earnings. If you’re interested in getting a general lines insurance license so you can begin a career as an insurance agent, start by reading the CE Track blog. As the leaders in insurance continuing education courses for Florida based insurance agents, we know the licensure system inside and out.

What Is A 220 License?

For those looking to work with property and casualty insurance, the 220 license is for you. This license allows an individual to sell insurance for homes, vehicles, and all types of property both personal and business. This includes commercial and residential buildings, and can even include liability insurance and workers compensation. An agent with a 220 license is allowed to lead an agency and supervise the work of other agents. Finally, this agent can also write bonds, and write errors and omissions in reports.

Earning Your License

The process to earn a 220 license includes 200 hours worth of required courses and lessons. The topics in this licensure process include things, like:

  • General insurance concepts
  • Florida statutes, rules, and laws
  • Property at the personal and commercial levels
  • Variations in liability insurance
  • Workers compensation
  • Bond writing
  • Health insurance

Courses can be taken through accredited institutions like community colleges or online providers. The student will be tested throughout the course to ensure that they retain the knowledge and lessons of the course. Students must pass a final exam before they are given a certificate of completion. You can then apply for a license through the Florida Department of Financial Services Division. This process takes one to two weeks for the state to complete your application, and once approved, you’ll receive a copy of your general lines insurance license.

Continuing Education Requirements

As a holder of a 220 license, the state of Florida requires you to take insurance continuing education courses every two years. These courses must include 5 hours of ethics and law classes that consist of the latest developments in state best practices. Additionally, you must take 19 hours of elective credits related to your field and work.

Fortunately, taking these continuing education courses has never been easier thanks to CE Track. With 15 courses that can be applied to elective courses and one course that is specific to your ethics and law requirements, all of our courses can be completed at your own pace. So whether you have two months to renew your license or two days, you can get it done fast. We report the results of all of our courses the next business day after they are completed, meaning you’ll never have to worry about the state getting the right paperwork on time. Sign up for your insurance continuing education classes today!