Acquiring A General Lines Insurance License

The state of Florida has a rigorous licensing process that keeps insurance agents and their representatives up-to-date on changes in the field and the accepted best practices. This ensures that their clients are always receiving the highest level of care and services, as well as improving the agent’s ability to bring in new clients and improve their position and earnings. Read More

Make Your Online Insurance Courses Easy

As an insurance agent, you’ve always got a lot on your plate. Between working with new clients and managing old ones, you’re keeping busy just staying current with their life changes, let alone the changes in the insurance field. Part of being a great insurance agent, however, is taking courses that keep you abreast of industry changes. That’s why states Read More

Looking For The Easiest Online Insurance CE Course?

If you’re an insurance agent in Florida, you’re undoubtedly looking for new ways to improve your skills and knowledge base. It’s part of your commitment to good customer service, and it also a state-mandated requirement. Insurance agents and adjusters in Florida have to take insurance continuing education courses every two years to maintain their license. But because you’re busy with Read More

Common Myths In the Insurance Field

Because the insurance field is always changing, it leads to many myths and rumors being started by outside elements, or insurance agents who aren’t in the know. CE Track hears a lot of these myths every day. It’s one reason we offer our online continuing education courses: we want to help dispel these myths and empower insurance agents to be Read More

Finding Success In Continuing Education Online

Taking continuing education courses online is beneficial for many students. As we mentioned in our previous blog, online courses are typically less expensive than traditional college classes, they allow you to work in a place that suits you, they increase your engagement with the course material, and they advance your technical skills and career prospects. While there are many benefits Read More

The Benefits Of Continuing Education Online

If you’re working in Florida and need continuing education credits to retain your professional certifications, CE Track is the best place to take those courses. We offer a wide variety of online continuing education classes for insurance agents, bail bondsmen, real estate, health professionals, and customer service representatives. After you’ve completed your courses, we’ll post your results within 48 hours, Read More