Common Myths In the Insurance Field

Because the insurance field is always changing, it leads to many myths and rumors being started by outside elements, or insurance agents who aren’t in the know. CE Track hears a lot of these myths every day. It’s one reason we offer our online continuing education courses: we want to help dispel these myths and empower insurance agents to be better educated and stay at the top of their field. Read on to learn about some of these common myths.

Once You’ve Received Your Insurance License, Your Set For Life

While we would all love it if this were true, that’s just not the case. The face of the matter is that many states require insurance agents and adjusters to meet a whole series of requirements in order to maintain their license during the course of their career. In fact, 14 states require their insurance agents to take continuing education courses in order to stay current in their licensure. In the state of Florida, these agents and adjusters have to take 5 credit hours of law and ethics courses, and an additional 19 hours of elective credits over the course of two years to maintain a current license.

Insurance Laws And Regulations Never Change

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Any good insurance agent knows that half of their job is just staying on top of all of the changes in their field. Indeed, in 2017, the nation saw sweeping changes in insurance requirements for families and individuals, as well as the requirements for businesses offering their employees insurance options. Even in individual cases, an agent’s customer might have changing needs for insurance based on their life circumstances and quality of life. Insurance agents cannot simply familiarize themselves with one policy or plan and use it as a blanket approach to all situations.


Anyone Can Be An Insurance Agent Or Adjuster

We’re thankful that this myth is just that, a myth. The truth is that it is a long and intensive process to become a licensed insurance agent. There are courses to take, exams to pass, and applications to fill. There are requirements at a variety of levels, including state, federal, and professional that have to be met at routine points throughout the agent’s career, and that includes continuing education through courses taken in person or online. These requirements and processes ensure that only the most committed of individuals can become insurance agents.

Keeping Current On Insurance Requirements And Laws Is Difficult

The field of insurance is complex, there’s no doubting that. But complexity doesn’t mean that staying on top of changes in insurance requirements and laws is impossible. In fact, it can be downright easy if you use the right resources. CE Track offers online education courses that cover all of the major changes in the field and present them in a way that is accessible to any competent agent or adjuster.


Surprised By These Myths?

If you’re an insurance agent, and you find yourself surprised by some of these myths, then that might a good sign that you need to brush up on your skills. Fortunately, the online continuing education courses offered by CE Track make it easier than ever to update your knowledge and skills. Our courses are designed for insurance agents by insurance agents. That means our courses are always up-to-date with the latest and most current information you need to be the best agent in your field. For Florida agents who need a continuing education course to meet their state requirements, we’ll post your results fast, so you can get back to work with no interruptions. Find out more today!