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Continuing Education Online: The Future Of Education

CE Track proudly offers insurance online continuing education opportunities, as well as multiple other classes to further your career, or even to merely stay in compliance. One might believe that as a company we chose to offer our services online because it’s “easier.” In reality, we deliberately put our classes within many peoples’ reach because continuing education online is the future of all higher education.

florida online certification

florida online certification

Continuing Education Online Is The Evolution Of Society

From the moment Silicon Valley started putting out mass access to computers, our world began to entirely change. As years passed, people started to worry that the advent of hand-written communication, as well as paper entirely, will soon go by the wayside. And, while it’s been a slow process, it’s been a continued practice. School children now have district-provided laptops that are assigned to them for the sole purpose of turning them into capable employees as they enter the workforce. Suddenly, industries are moving away from using office products in the formation of documents and they’re leaning toward online word processors. The students are following suit, with project submissions being through Google Docs and other online sources. eBooks are on the rise because of their lower price points and faster readability. With all of this technological prosperity, one could turn an eye to the institution of online courses.

Why Education Online

Modern life is complicated. And if you’re in schooling of any kind, you probably have other responsibilities past showing up for a class, sitting through it, and completing the homework. You might have kids, a 40-hour job, family issues, and insomnia on top of all of that. You do not have time to fiddle with the formality of the education industry. This makes the option to take online classes, and study on your own time extremely important. In fact, quite a few states are having trouble accommodating the number of students who want to learn in body, so they turn to online courses as the answer. The fact of the matter is: it is the answer.

Self-Motivated Individuals Will Prosper

While it can be acknowledged that online learning isn’t for everyone, but this is certainly not true for professionals. If you have the self-teaching skills, organizational skills and overall time management that you’ve probably pulled from your years of experience in your career, then you’re going to do just fine. The parallel between self-motivation, however, is the exact same. People who can self-motivate can get things done whether it’s on their own time or while in class.

The Straight-Forward Advantages

But this platform that’s been provided to new generations is truly amazing because of its automated nature. It gives you the opportunity to pinpoint and then cater to your specific style of learning, if you like to learn alone you’re free to. If you’re interested in tapping into the community of your classmates and instructor, you can use the forums equipped with almost every online learning portal.

What It Means For Your Career

Because of the online courses, employers are offering tuition reimbursement opportunities to those who are looking to further their career through continuing education online courses. In one swift stroke, online courses have started to position themselves as the most efficient way for individuals to enhance their career and remain in compliance. Hence, CE Track came to fruition.

The reasons listed above are only the tip of the iceberg. As we dig into the convenience of online courses, a clearer picture forms that are irrefutable. Online Continuing Education may become the superior way of learning in the next couple of years. That is if it hasn’t already reached that status without all of us knowing.

florida online certification

florida online certification

The Advantages of Continuing Education Online

How much better is online continuing education? Quite a bit better. If the extreme variation from the humdrum traditional class isn’t convincing enough, then this will be.

The Best Part

It costs far less than in-person classes do. Higher education courses prices have been steadily rising. We’re certain you’ve heard all of the complaints from various young people talking about the rate of inflation in relation to the rate of college tuition growth. Bearing that in mind, online continuing education courses come as a breath of fresh air. Your potentially $800 class that wouldn’t include the textbook will be considerably less expensive through an online portal. Why? It takes less manpower to run an online class. In some cases, it’s a single instructor, and in other cases, it’s an entire team of educated customer service representatives who can assist you with hiccups throughout the coursework, like our team. That may sound like a lot of people, but it’s nowhere near the number of people needed in a physical learning institution. A school building is operated by quite a few folks: the principal, the district directors, the secretaries, the janitorial staff, and the teaching staff. Since online continuing education institutions offer their services remotely to anyone who can access the site, these physical taxes you pay just so that you can sit in a chair on a campus are eliminated. Effectively avoid textbook purchasing, parking pass payments, and everything else they’ll lump into that exorbitant price for the minor amount of credits you need to continue your education online, especially if you’re interested in CE Track’s specialization, our insurance continuing education certificate renewal programs. On a grander scale, this means you can afford that relieving little road trip to Baton Rouge, or even down to Orlando, Florida, instead of paying an arm and a leg for unnecessary charges.

More Time For You

Many folks like to iterate that old adage that “time is money.” In reality, we all know that time is worth far more than monetary equivalence. Just because you make $20/hour does not mean that your time is worth only that. As a species that ages, time is actually far more valuable than just money. So when you save time by taking a class that does not require you to waste time entering a class, listening to other people ask questions that no one else in the class is curious about, and then getting up from that class, walking to another and doing it all over again, you’re saving much more than money. Time is the one resource that is completely non-renewable—do not waste it listening to someone drone on about a subject you’re required to brush up on every couple of years. Tap into your powerful self-motivation, and go through an online continuing education course as quickly as you like, so you have time for the things that matter to you.

Attendance Is Non-Existent

You know what’s not convenient? A Florida hurricane, or a flood, or just a treacherous storm that makes it so you can’t reach a physical building across town to attend a class that the state requires you to take. Rather than worry about battling the weather, just relax on your couch, play some music, let the storm rage and go through your coursework without a worry in the world that you won’t make your deadlines.

This goes hand-in-hand with the possibility of any real-life problems come up. Your child suddenly falls ill? No professor to email and hope for the best. No telling someone else to handle a crisis because you have class. And most importantly, you won’t need to weigh your continuing education online program against the importance of the other things in your life.

Self-Discipline Skills

One of the less noted major benefits of an online class is the self-discipline skills it helps you build. On the regular day-to-day routine, we sometimes forget about important psychological health factors, like self-discipline. In truth, it’s an incredibly important skill in any workplace and can really make the difference in your morale and overall happiness level as you go through the drudgery of everyday life. By practicing self-discipline by guiding yourself through learning programs, you can easily improve your own motivational strategies that you can then apply to your life and adjust how you approach other tasks.

Optimal Comfort

Most people forget what a bummer it is to go back to school. Not because of the work, but more because of the environment of in-person classes. They can often be taught by somewhat abrasive personalities and hosted in rooms that smell vaguely of mold or stale air. Avoid classrooms that smell like a poorly cleaned water ride and stay in the comfort of your own home by renewing your Florida certifications with online continuing education programs. Want to sip a gin and tonic while you thumb through your course materials? Do it. Want to play heavy metal while you work on projects? Do it. Interested in learning the material from Bail Bondsmen 234 while wearing no pants? Do it. You’re in the comfort of your own home, probably on your couch or stretched out on your bed. Strictly speaking, you can learn in whatever way you choose, in absolute comfort.

Variety Is Key

Since there are so many CE certifications and several specific requirements for different states, variety is important. While our specialty is insurance continuing education online programs, we also offer bail bondsmen, Florida real estate, and Adjusters certification courses through our wide variety of courses. You can shop through health insurance classes, life and annuity, property and casualty, public adjusters, and title 410s. With many different paths to choose, we purposely have made renewing your certification a breeze.

Scheduling Convenience Means Better Focus

While some people are inclined to disagree, choosing your own time to study does improve your productivity and your ability to focus. As a rule, some people work better during the evening hours and others during the morning hours. Having the liberty to dictate when you want to focus something that requires attention to detail, like learning, can greatly increase your output and comprehension. Plus, there’s the flexibility to consider, that will make your life much easier. If you’re feeling sick and can’t focus, you don’t have to work on the class. If you’re too tired from a long day at work and sleep deprivation, then you don’t need to be doing class work. If you can’t focus during a certain time of the day, don’t fret, try another time window to start doing class work so that you can focus easier. Take the opportunity online courses offer to put yourself in the right environment and the right mindset.

Keep Your Job

If you have a steady job and need to renew your certification, it does not mean leaving your job and struggling to go to school again. In fact, it generally means just spending a couple of hours after work brushing up on some information. Online continuing education does not mean straining yourself to make enough time for schooling and everything else your busy schedule entails. It’s much more user friendly than that.

Become Tech Savvy

If you’ve never been a tech guru, that might almost steer you away from online continuing education programs. But fret not, if you’re going to learn how to use a computer more effectively, doing so with an online course is maybe one of the easier ways to do it. Apart from heading to the library to learn how to use Windows, many online courses will have linked tutorials on certain more difficult aspects of the course. Ask any technically talented kid and they’ll tell you that the way they became familiar with technology was only by spending a lot of time with it. So use this opportunity to become more familiar and comfortable with the program, the course, and the computer itself.

Apart from the clear implications of why you need to start renewing your certification, you might consider doing it online just to experience the future of learning. The future of self-betterment.

florida online certification

florida online certification

Florida CE Online Electives

You may think that online course electives are completely pointless, but they’re probably required for certain certifications and can give you an edge in the workforce. Overachieving is always looked at fondly from current employers and having a few more classes under your belt will never look bad. CE Track currently offers a variety of classes that you can take within you career area to improve your knowledge.

Since our courses are so affordable, it’s hard to deny the benefits of bettering your mind through an extra class. Through this method, you can look more qualified than other applicants for promotions and new jobs while being able to demonstrate a wide range of industry tailored knowledge.

Completing tasks above and beyond the call of duty, including classes, shows gumption and demonstrates a level of self-motivation that people admire. If you gain your supervisor’s admiration and your co-workers respect, it will be easier to hold your job and progress throughout your career.

florida online certification

florida online certification

Pursue Renewing Florida Certifications With CE Track

For the above reasons, CE Track determined that looking to the future of human betterment was the only option for our company and services. We’re about helping you acquire your certification renewal in a timely manner. We have no desire to bog down the process and so we’ve devised courses that are user friendly. All of our courses were created by distinguished, local industry professionals that obviously have the wish to impart their wisdom and experience. Because the courses are crafted with the user in mind, they’ll never be dumbed down or out of the character of the industry you’re attempting to get your renewal in.

We realize that most folks wait to a bit to get their courses started. If you’re working towards a certain deadline that’s coming up quickly, we’re prepared to help you in whatever way we can to get you through in time for your renewal deadline.  

When you pursue renewing your certification through online continuing education courses, you’re pursuing the horizon with CE Track. Together, we’ll see a brighter future of less expensive higher education prices, accommodations for students who are treated like people instead of another number, and better courses. Take a peek at the way the education industry is progressing with our online continuing education courses.

Feel free to contact CE Track with any inquiries you have in regard to how our program works or the classes you need to take. We’re glad to direct you to the state requirements and comb through to make sure you get your certification renewed when it needs to be.

florida online certification

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