Getting Your Customer Representative License In Florida

If you’ve kept up with any of the blogs we’ve posted here, you’ll know that Florida takes its licensing seriously. It’s beneficial for both the general public, who know that they’re working with a qualified and professional individual, and it also benefits those who are pursuing a license, as it keeps them at the top of their game, and allows for license holders to improve their earnings. For those working in the insurance field in Florida, your employer may encourage you to earn your 04-40 license to be a insurance customer representative. If you aren’t sure how to get this license, read on as CE Track walks you through the basics.

What Is A 440 License?

A 440 insurance license enables someone to work with an insurance agency as a customer representative. This license lets the representative handle insurance applications and sensitive personal information, generate quotes for coverage and costs, as well as explain policies to new and existing customers.

Earning Your License

You can acquire a 440 License by taking a licensing course, offered online or by accredited institutions like community colleges. The course is designed to cover all of the elements and responsibilities of the insurance customer representative role, as well as the legal conditions behind the role. Typically, these courses are structured around a series of lessons that cover various insurance types and policies as well as how to handle the personal information of clientele. These courses will also cover the ethics and laws behind the customer representative position. A series of quizzes test the knowledge learned in the course. Each course is concluded with a final exam. Students have to pass these quizzes and exams in order to complete the course.

Once you’ve completed and passed the course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion. You can apply for a license through the Florida Department of Financial Services Division. Fax, or mail your certificate into their office and complete your application online. Typically, it takes one to two weeks for these applications to process, but once approved, you will be mailed a copy of your insurance customer representative license.

Continuing Education Requirements

Like most license holders in Florida, the state requires you to take continuing education courses. For customer representatives, that includes five hours of law and ethics classes, and five hours of elective classes that are related to your particular field. Every two years, you must complete these courses in order to retain your license. These classes can be taken in person, or to expedite the process, they can be taken online.

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