Make Your Online Insurance Courses Easy

As an insurance agent, you’ve always got a lot on your plate. Between working with new clients and managing old ones, you’re keeping busy just staying current with their life changes, let alone the changes in the insurance field. Part of being a great insurance agent, however, is taking courses that keep you abreast of industry changes. That’s why states like Florida require their insurance agents and adjusters to take a series of insurance continuing education courses every two years. CE Track has already discussed how we offer the easiest online insurance continuing education courses, so in today’s blog, we’ll tell you how to make these courses easy on yourself.

Understand Your State’s Requirements

Before you even begin your first online course, it’s best to take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with your state’s continuing education requirements, as these requirements change from state to state. While both Florida and Illinois require you to take 24 credit hours worth of courses, how those hours are allocated differs between the two states. In this case, Florida requires five hours of ethics courses every two years compared to Illinois’ three hours of ethics courses. Having a firm understanding of what courses you need to take will help ensure that you take the right courses and don’t waste your time on courses that won’t be valuable to you and your profession.

Give Yourself Time To Complete Your Courses

We understand that it can be hard to find time to complete an insurance continuing education course, especially if you’re trying to take an in-person class. Any course provider has 21 days to report your results, and you don’t want to rely on them to get these results to the state sooner than that, especially if you need to renew your license within a short period of time. We suggest that you always take your courses well in advance of your renewal deadline. This will keep you from feeling rushed, and your clients will also benefit from your newfound knowledge. But, in the event that you’re simply out of time, take your insurance continuing education course online with CE Track. You can complete the courses as fast as you work, and we’ll post your results to the state the very next business day.

Find Courses That Are Developed By Industry Professionals

With so many online continuing education programs and courses being offered today, how are you to know which classes have been made by those in your field? You don’t want to risk your money or time on courses that have been made by someone from outside the insurance industry. There’s no need to worry about that with CE Track. We’ve assembled a team of highly-qualified industry professionals to write all of the materials in our courses. This means that the information you get is the most current in the field and is representative of changes in insurance standards and laws, as well as best practices. Your online insurance continuing education course from CE Track is tailor-made for your work!


Take Your Courses With CE Track

Stay on top of your state requirements and advance your skills and knowledge with CE Track. Our courses are easy to take and are relevant to the work you’re doing as an insurance agent. Visit CE Track to find out more and sign up now!