The Importance Of Continuing Education For Insurance Agents

Become a licensed insurance agent in Florida is no small feat. After going through extensive training and a comprehensive application process, many agents feel that they’ve mastered all of the materials they need to stay at the top of their game. With license in hand, they sometimes struggle to see the importance of continuing educations courses for their field. CE Track has worked with many agents who feel this way. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss why it’s important for insurance agents in Florida to take online continuing education courses.

The Ever Changing Nature Of Insurance

One of the reasons so many insurance agents enjoy their career is because of the dynamic and fluid nature of the field itself. From major sweeping changes at the federal level to Florida state requirements, to even the needs of individuals and businesses, insurance is always changing. For this alone, it’s important that insurance agents always stay up-to-date on these frequent, and sometimes drastic, changes. Seemingly every day there are new accounts, products, and programs being created that insurance agents have to have a working knowledge of. Failing to stay current on these changes can hurt your work as an insurance agent in Florida.

Better Serve Your Customers

Any field wants to provide its customers with outstanding service and help them with products and services that are best for them. This is especially true for insurance agents who are selling their customers not only a service but peace of mind. For insurance agents who are currently in the field, and who take online continuing education courses, they can better serve their customers because they understand new opportunities and programs that their customers might benefit from. Providing your customers superior service helps to build a positive rapport between you and your clients and can help to maintain a lasting working relationship. It’s not uncommon for customers who are pleased with the work of their insurance agents to recommend them to friends and families, thus helping you to expand your practice.

Also, due to the expansion of free information thanks to the internet, customers are now more educated about their insurance options than ever before. While many of your customers might be well-versed in the nuances of insurance, their information might not have come from reputable sources. As a qualified insurance agent, taking regular online continuing education courses can help you weed through fact from fiction, and provide your customers with the information that will make them a better-informed policyholder.

The Price Of Failure

While we don’t like discussing this part of continuing education, it is a great motivator in some cases. The state of Florida wants to ensure that its citizens are working with qualified, motivated, and organized insurance agents. That’s why they enforce rules that require continuing education classes to be taken. Failing to take these courses can result in the state levying fines against insurance agents, in some cases, up to $250.

Improve Your Knowledge Can Improve Your Earnings

It’s a known fact that ambitious and professional insurance agents are well rewarded for their work. Indeed, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the average salary for the top insurance agents in 2015 was an incredible $122,590. These agents are the most competitive individuals in their field and maintain that status by taking continuing education courses online.

Continuing Education Courses With CE Track

With so many obvious reasons as to why taking continuing education courses is important, insurance agents in Florida would be remiss not to take advantage of the benefits they can provide. If you’re looking to maintain your licensure, recertify, or simply give yourself a competitive edge, it’s time to look into the online continuing education courses offered by CE Track. Our courses are tailor-made for insurance agents, by insurance agents. Find out more now!