Understanding Florida’s Continuing Education Requirements

The State of Florida is proud to host some of the finest insurance agents, adjusters, and real estate agents in the country. Years of experience and competitive markets ensure that these individuals are always working hard to stay at the top of their field. The continuing education requirements of the state also help these agents and adjusters master their material.

State statutes have been set up that require positions like these to take continuing education courses every two years to maintain their licensure and certifications. This is Section 626.2815 of Title XXXVII, Chapter 626. If you’re looking for a quick-hitting guide on what this Section means for you and your job, CE Track has got you covered. Below, we’ve laid out all of the important elements of this statute. When you’re done reading it, you can sign up for the statute compliant courses you need at CE Track.

Understanding Section 626.2815

The continuing education requirements for the state of Florida are lengthy and written in legal jargon that might confuse some. We’ve broken down the essential parts and put them into an easy to digest package for you.

Who Does It Apply To?

If you are licensed to sell insurance, or adjust insurance claims, and had to take some kind of examination to receive that license, you will need to take a continuing education course to retain your licensed status. In Florida, that includes insurance agents and adjusters, real estate agents, bail bondsmen, and customer representatives. It does not apply to those who sell insurance that didn’t require an examination to certify. This might include insurance sales in crop insurance. Additionally, those who are active duty in the military can request a waiver from the continuing education requirement.

What Is Required?

If you are one of the licensed positions listed above, then you are required to take a continuing education course. This course must be at least five credit hours long and must be completed every two years. This course has to be developed and approved by the Florida Division of Insurance Agent and Agency Services. Content in the course must cover all of the materials that were included on the initial examination and should include the following areas: insurance law updates, ethics for insurance professionals, disciplinary trends, industry trends, premium discounts, determining suitability of products and services, and other related topics that are relevant for that particular position.

Why Is It Needed?

Continuing education is required to receive the initial license to work in that field, to maintain that licensure, and to have a license reinstated or renewed. Additionally, employers may require you to take an online continuing education course as a prerequisite for being hired, or as a term of maintaining your position within that business.

How Long Do You Have To Take A Continuing Education Course?

While these courses are required, the State of Florida has been gracious enough to offer insurance agents, adjusters, and real estate agents a lot of breathing room in terms of how much time they have to take these courses. If you show that you are making effort to take a continuing education course, you can be granted an extension of up to one year to complete the course. While this grants you a lot of leeway for when you take the course, you should not rely on this extension and endeavor to complete the course in a timely manner.

Will My Out-Of-State License Suffice?

It depends on the state in which you were licensed. If your state requires that you take continuing education courses to maintain your licensure, then this is acceptable in the state of Florida. However, if your home state does not have a continuing education requirement, you must take a continuing education course of some kind to conduct business in the state of Florida.

What Kind Of Course Do I Have To Take?

The courses that are required to certify, maintain, or renew licensure are specific to the field of the license. However, you have two options in how these courses can be taken. You can take an independent study program that is conducted through paper materials and a closed book final examination. This examination must be done after the examinee has signed a sworn affidavit saying that they did not receive outside help from an individual or written material.

Alternatively, the courses can be taken through an interactive, online continuing education course. This online course has to have been vetted by the state to ensure that it adequately tests all aspects of the student’s comprehension of the licensure requirements and roles. CE Track has designed all of its online courses to meet the state’s requirements, and are comprehensive in what they cover.

When Are The Exam Results Due?

The state requires that the results of the course’s exam be posted within 21 days of the completion of the course. The results must show that the student passed to a degree that meets the state’s requirements. The course provider provides the state with the student’s name, license number, and the completed amount credits.

What If A Student Does Not Pass Their Course?

If the student does not pass their online continuing education course, the state has the right to terminate their licensure or refuse to renew their license. An extension can be granted to allow the student to take the course again in some cases. The state will not provide a new appointment to a student who was not allowed to renew their appointment.

The Best Way To Fulfill Your Continuing Education Requirement

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